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Young Aussie actress Mavournee Hazel plays Piper Willis in "Neighbours." Instagram/mavournee_hazel

The "Neighbours" cast, including Mavournee Hazel (Piper), Rob Mills (Finn), Jodi Anasta (Elly), Felix Mallard (Ben), Lilly Van der Meer (Xanthe), Andrew Morley (Jack), Scarlet Vas (Mishti), Nicholas Coghlan (Shane), Matt Wilson (Aaron), Sharon Johal (Dipi) and Zoe Cramond (Amy) will be part of the major storylines from Tuesday to Friday. It includes Piper's student petition against the changes that Finn made in school. Read on to find out more about it.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains 'Neighbours' spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about what will happen to your favourite Ramsay Street residents this week.

Piper protests against Finn's changes

According to Digital Spy, on Tuesday, June 13, Piper will lead a student petition in school after not being able to get through to Finn. This will infuriate Finn. Meanwhile, Elly is hell-bent on proving that Finn is a deceptive and manipulative person. Plus, a Ramsay street resident will be rushed to the hospital. It involves the victim ingesting a mysterious and harmful substance. There will also be a shocking discovery in this episode.

Finn threatens Piper with suspension

On Wednesday, Finn will threaten to suspend Piper if she doesn't stop the student protest against him. Faced with no other choice, Piper agrees to Finn's terms. Her decision will surprise Ben. Meanwhile, Finn will desperately work hard to fix the fallout from the student protest. Unfortunately, a reporter from the West Waratah Star will start nosing around for news. Elsewhere, Elly will be frustrated because she feels she's the only one willing to go after Finn.

Elly is concerned about Xanthe

Thursday's episode will show Elly being bothered by Xanthe's closeness to Finn and his hold over her. It doesn't help that Xanthe is keeping mum about Finn, even if his actions are catching up to him. Meanwhile, Mishti will ask Aaron to help Shane. She wants to help him market his mower. As for Jack, he is preparing to make a huge decision that will affect his life as well as his son's.

Shane prepares to throw the towel on his dream

Friday's episode will show Shane almost giving up on his dream of making his mower a success. He feels as if he wasted time and money on it. However, Dipi won't let her husband quit just like that. She'll try to encourage him again. Meanwhile, Jack will talk to Amy about the direction of his life and how lost he currently feels. Click here to see Tenplay's Spoiler Gallery for June 12-16.

'Neighbours' recap

On Monday, June 12, Xanthe chooses to side with Finn over Piper. This shocks Piper, who considers Xanthe her best friend. Meanwhile, Callum (Morgan Baker) calls Toadie (Ryan Moloney) to act on fixing the Rebecchi issues. However, Callum also decides to leave Erinsborough. As for Susan (Jackie Woodburne), she has a conversation with her boss about returning to work despite her recent health problems. Unfortunately, she has a dizzy spell during their meeting.

"Neighbours" episodes air in Australia at 6.30 pm every Monday to Friday on Network Eleven. The show also airs during weekdays in the UK on Channel 5.

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