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The "Neighbours" cast, which includes Finn (Rob Mills), Susan (Jackie Woodburne), Elly (Jodi Anasta), Lauren (Kate Kendall), Paige (Olympia Valance), Jack (Andrew Morley), Sonya (Eve Morey), Toadie (Ryan Moloney), Aaron (Matt Wilson), David (Takaya Honda), Ben (Felix Mallard) and Xanthe (Lilly Van der Meer), will be featured in the Australian soap opera's episodes on Friday. The major plotlines inlcude Ben being confused about Finn's intentions, David discovering something about Aaron.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains 'Neighbours' 2017 spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about your favourite Ramsay Street residents.

Digital Spy reports that on Friday's episode, Ben will be torn on who to believe in about Finn. Xanthe tells him that he's practically a saint who can do no wrong, while Elly insists that he's out to get her. He will finally investigate if Finn is someone to be trusted or not. However, his actions could also get him in trouble.

As for Sonya, she will send Toadie a disturbing letter that will make him afraid. He will turn to an ally to help him figure out what Sonya really wants to tell him. They must do it quick though, or else it could be too late. Elsewhere, David will discover something about Aaron's source of income. The latter will be ashamed of it.

'Neighbours' episodes from Monday to Thursday

Monday's episode shows Sonya's determination to apologise because of her previous bad behaviour. Meanwhile, Elly continues to dig dirt on Finn, eventually coming across a person from his past. As for Paige, she feels overwhelmed by her pregnancy. She wants to take some time off and go to a place where she can reflect on her situation. Elsewhere, Toadie feels desperate to save his family that's why he reached out to Sonya.

On Tuesday, Susan and Piper (Mavournee Hazel) gets worried when Paige didn't return on time to the car. As for Toadie, he feels hopeful for Sonya's recovery. However, Steph (Carla Bonner) tells him that he shouldn't keep his hopes up this early. Elsewhere, Leo (Tim Kano) and Paul (Stefan Dennis) clash about business when they discover that the Robinsons/Backpackers partnership has some financial issues.

Wednesday's episode shows Paige going into labour. Finn also confronts Elly. Meanwhile, David tells Aaron (Matt Wilson) that his releationship with Will (Christian Heath) is finally over. This makes Aaron hope for another chance for romance with David. Unfortunately, the timing of their ex-lovers are really off as Aaron's old flame visits town.

On Thursday's episode, Elly tries to gather evidence against Finn. He blames him for Susan's accident. Lauren also tries to comfort Paige. However, she can't help but get mad at Jack for letting Paige go off on her own. She starts to doubt his capacity to look after her daughter. As for Jack, he will still be confused about his decision to leave the church. He will also wonder if he has what it takes to be dad, especially after letting Paige down. Click here to see some photos from TenPlay featuring various scenes from the Aussie soap this week.

"Neighbours" airs in Australia every Monday to Friday on Network Eleven at 6.30 pm. It also airs in the UK during weekdays on Channel 5.

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