"NCIS" Season 11, Episode 9, "Gut Check," is the seventh episode after Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) parted ways. "You are so loved," the Tiva shippers remember her saying. Now Emily Wickersham is about to step in Gibbs' world as Ellie Bishop. Is she really the permanent "replacement?"

Spoiler alert: This feature includes minor spoilers from NCIS Season 11x09, "Gut Check." Spoilers from previous episodes will also be mentioned in quick recaps.

Cote de Pablo is much missed by many NCIS fans. Not seeing her clips in the opening credits changes the show a lot. For eight seasons, Cote was Ziva, Gibbs' daughter, Abby's sister, Duck's godchild. Not having her on the field alters the character dynamic and the Gibbs "ecosystem" significantly. She may or may not return to NCIS. It is enough for the fans that Ziva David is alive the last time she's seen. Now in NCIS Season 11x09, it is time to welcome a new NCIS agent, Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham from "The Sopranos").

In "Gut Check," Ellie Bishop will come in as NSA analyst. (Gibbs cannot downgrade so much from the level of a former Mossad agent - who replaced a former presidential security staff.) It must be noted that SecNav Sarah Porter (Leslie Hope) is this episode, too. The SecNav is last seen on NCIS 11x06, "Oil and Water."

NCIS Season 11 Recap: In "Oil and Water," the SecNav hints to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) that she is noting the shortage in NCIS manpower, but she's not rushing him to fix what "ain't broken." Still, Gibbs tries to recruit CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin (Diane Neal) at the end of the episode. Borin declines. Viewers will find out in "Gut Check" how the NCIS agent post will be offered to Bishop. (Or, will she apply for the post on her own?)

New Love story for Michael Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo?

Those wondering whether former playboy Tony DiNozzo will have another chance at love with the new NCIS agent might be disappointed. Ziva David's replacement is a married woman, says the TV entertainment reports.

"NCIS is still NCIS. All of the dynamics are there. ... The vibe of the show is the same, the chemistry is the same, the tone is the same. It's just that we've got this new character and she brings something new to the party," NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg told TV Guide in this interview.

"This was a big change for Tony DiNozzo, to not have Ziva there and have to rely even more on McGee than he has in the past. ... But we'll get back to the Tony DiNozzo that people know and love. Just like real life, it takes time to get there," Glasberg added.

VIDEO: NCIS Season 11x09, 'Gut Check' Sneak Preview feat. Ziva David Replacement, Ellie Bishop

NCIS Season 11, Episode 9, "Gut Check," airs on the U.S. network CBS on Nov. 19 (Tuesday). Emily Wickersham initially signed on for three episodes, but it was later revealed that she's been promoted to regular cast. It remains to be seen whether this character, who is as smart as Ziva David, is as relatable and complex as the former Mossad agent.

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