Actress Katherine Heigl from the television series "State of Affairs"
Actress Katherine Heigl from the television series "State of Affairs" poses at NBC and Vanity Fair's 2014-2015 television season event in Los Angeles, California September 16, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Katherine Heigl spent an afternoon defending her new show from the detractors through her Facebook page. The actress reassured Muslims that her current hit show "State of Affairs" is not portraying them in the negative light.

Even though Katherine Heigl's new NBC series "State of Affairs" is receiving positive feedback, a few detractors joined her Facebook Q & A on Monday afternoon, Jan. 5. The actress was honest in dealing with the critics, defending what her new show is all about, E Online reports. One commenter claimed that even though she and her husband love the show and watch it every week, her husband cannot help but feel that the show "portrays Muslims negatively." The Facebook fan asks what Katherine feels about these concerns, which the actress promptly replied to. "I would tell him to be patient and see how the season unfolds," Heigl answered with honesty. "We aren't portraying Muslims negatively but rather terrorism in all forms... Charleston is trying to protect the ideals of the Muslim religion by eradicating those who hold it hostage."

The actress also shared to her fans the rigorous preparations she has to undergo so that every episode is accurate and credible. She said she has the good fortune of working with ex-CIA who provided useful insights, support and guidance as executive producers of the show. She also said that she had to work with dialect coaches to acquire the different language skills needed for the show as she portrays a top CIA analyst helping the President muddle through life-and-death circumstances. She even shared that she had to go to an actual gun range and acquire some shooting skills.

Even with critics, Heigl said she does not feel her spirits dampening. She told her Facebook fans that she's having the time of her life working with the cast. Moreover, even though she does not know how many seasons there would be yet, she's already hoping that there would be many. She thanked the fans afterward and wished everyone a happy 2015.

The new show reached new heights on popularity when real CIA people became engrossed to the show. Standard Examiner reports that some CIA live-tweeted during the show to educate viewers when they see something they like or do not agree with regarding the show. Some CIA are so carried away that they are even coaching CIA agent Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl's character) what she shoud do on certain life and death situations.

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