Natural Leaders Can be Bad Bosses – Danish Study

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People born with leadership skills are also naturally ego-centered, a new study has shown.

Self-obsession hinders dominant people who have natural abilities to lead to become truly effective at the helm of a group or an organization, according to University of Amsterdam researchers.

The researchers divided 150 participants into groups of three. One leader was designated in each group, while the other two were told they could advise even as the final decision is up to the leader, the Daily Mail reported.

The groups later chose the best candidate for a job.

To test the effectiveness of communication in the groups, some of the 45 items of information about the candidates were given to all three in the group, and some to only one. This is supposed to test how communication would flow in each group, as they would not pick the best candidate unless they used all the information.

Through the process, the narcissism of the leaders was evaluated in relation to their effectiveness rating.

Group members rated the most narcissistic leaders as most effective, but in fact the groups led by the greatest egotists never chose the best candidate, the Daily Mail reported.

Psychologist Barbora Nevicka, who led the study, said: 'There's no doubt narcissism can sometimes be useful in a leader.

'But... good leaders facilitate communication by asking questions and summarizing the conversation - something narcissists are too self-involved to do.'

The findings are to be published in the journal Psychological Science, according to the Daily Mail.

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