Good news for art lovers. It is reported that National Gallery of Australia is planning to lift the ban on photography inside its premises, thus enabling the visitors to snapping the art work for their collection.

The new move will be implemented by January 2015, as reported by ABC News. The modification in the rule is reportedly done to keep pace with the technologically ever changing times. People like to take their individual souvenir photo, so I think it will make people happier to visit the gallery," declared NGA assistant director Simon Elliott in an official statement.

NGA will be getting the double benefits from this move as it is hoping to generate some buzz on social media when people will be posting their selfies with various art work taken during their visit. Although NGA reportedly has an official website with about 75,000 images of their collection, they are keen to target social media savvy young generation.

"It's across the board but certainly young people are more interested in using digital technology and sharing their photos online," told Elliott in the statement.

The move is reportedly welcomed by art lovers, who often used to have the strong desire to document the artwork by taking some snaps along with the valuable pieces. This move will also make their visit to NGA more hassle free as people reportedly often caught trying to click selfies and snaps, defying the existent rules.

The gallery's ban on flash photography and tripods remains in place making it sure that photographs of artworks cannot be used for commercial reason, as reported by Canberra Times. Also, restrictions on taking photographs remain in some cases where artists can opt to protect their copyright on art works by specifying that they don't want their artwork to be photographed.NGA was one of the last museums that has a blanket ban on the photography in its premises.

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