How MIDA Gives Institutions a New Way to Bestow Glory on the Finest Works of Art Both Museums and Enthusiasts Cherish

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MIDA is bringing some of the finest art collections preserved in museums to the metaverse. 

It's only natural that in a virtual world filled with opportunities to wear the fashion you want, drive the car you wish to, participate in the activities you like, and socialize inside of an avatar that represents who you are; you should be able to enjoy the finest works that art museums offer in a whole new way.

How is MIDA going to do that? With NFTs, of course.

Museums don't just curate JPEGs the way early-adopting NFT collectors have been. They, of course, deal in physical artifacts. Many of them come with a story—a history. A unique interpretation related to artistic technique, the feelings of the artist, or whatever was happening in society at the time.

All of these traits are what give art value. They are why many of the world's most precious forms of artistic expression live in museums in the first place.

Why not create digital alter-egos of them that live forever in the metaverse?

How and Why MIDA Is Adding Value to The Metaverse

MIDA is committed to building digital alter-egos of some of the most beloved and carefully curated artifacts typically held exclusively by museums.

They plan to build those digital assets in a decentralized fashion thanks to blockchain technology, NFTs, and smart contracts.

The novelty brought by MIDA stands together with the unity of the product. As well as the traditional art market, MIDA's products rely on the authenticity given by the owner of the masterpiece (the museums) and its uniqueness. As well as the Mona Lisa which is unique in definition, those NFTs are also unique. There always is a single NFT Masterpiece from the physical artwork in the market. By providing a new revenue stream to art institutions, MIDA wants to support the economic burden of preserving the collective cultural heritage while at the same time acting as a launchpad for emerging physical artists that so far have been cut off from the digital revolution.

Part of the mission carried out by MIDA is to let people coming from different backgrounds meet and connect. It is why by purchasing an NFT Masterpiece, you'll access a network of art critics, influencers, and emerging artists from the traditional space and key opinion leaders from the NFT space. This will be made through exclusive events in a luxurious location in the Italian Art landscapes.

By staking the NFT, every holder will receive a daily reward given in the native token of the platform: $MIDA.By doing so, and thanks to the gaming implementation of artifacts, MIDA aims to reach a wider audience of young people who were disconnected from traditional art space during the last year.


MIDA will also have a multilayer art platform consisting of a Marketplace and a Social Layer:

The Marketplace will serve as a meeting point and exchange between artists, collectors, and buyers looking for the best pieces of emerging creators. In the Social Layer, users can share appreciation through the social token received from Liquidity Farming of $MIDA, named Stendhal (SDH). 

SDH as a social token allows possible buyers to analyze the Creator's appeal by providing data regarding the number of followers and the average allocation. At the same time, Creators with higher overall SDH statistics are supported and sponsored by MIDA in the launch of their collections, giving them the visibility they deserve. $MIDA is the native token of the platform. The MIDA platform is currently in development, and we're in the initial stages of fundraising rounds. We will soon conduct the $MIDA token sale to allow the community and supporters to become part of the MIDA family.

MIDA's mission is to provide secure, long-term support for institutions that want to access the enormous potential of Web3 while ensuring greater security for the holders of these NFTs. In fact, having institution-based NFTs is a never-before opportunity that prevents any risk of rug pull or scam to buyers.

MIDA's ambitious task is to connect the traditional art world to the new fruition spaces of the metaverse in safety and keep in mind the different actors involved as institutions, artists, and even everyday art enthusiasts. Indeed, the operations emulate the same fundamental concepts both markets have in common: uniqueness and authenticity. 

The discussion and connivance of leading experts in both fields, within the community and subsequently during the events organized by MIDA, will serve as a melting pot to understand and develop the relationship between classic and new art currents. 

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