Nashville woman robs men of debit card while performing oral sex in victim’s car

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A man pulls out his credit card to make a purchase at a shop in Colombo June 11, 2013. Reuters/Dinuka Liyanawatte

In April, an Oklahoma court ruled that a 17-year-old man who forced a drunk 16-year-old woman to perform oral sex on him is not guilty of rape. The victim must be in a state of complete unconsciousness when forced sex happened, which brings into question the effect of fellatio on willing men but were victimised in another way.

On Wednesday, 25-year-old Jonisia Morris, from Nashville, Tennessee, stole the debit cards of a man while she was performing fellatio on him inside the victim’s parked car at the Clarion Hotel, reports The New York Daily News.  The man would not notice because his pants were literally down all the way to his ankle.

That gave Morris the opportunity to slip out his wallet from the trousers’ pocket unnoticed. She hid the wallet under the passenger seat, continued giving him pleasure, took the cards and returned the wallet inside the pants secretly.

Morris then used the stolen debit card at a Nashville gas station where she bought gas and other items. But she was apprehended and admitted to other debit card thefts in the city. Morris, slated to appear in court on Tuesday, was charged with theft, fraudulent use of a credit card and indecent exposure.

In the arrest report, she was charged also with indecent exposure because she expected that performing fellatio on the victim would be viewed by another person.

On the part of the victim, besides having his pants down his eyes were likely close while she was giving him oral pleasure which explains why she managed to steal his debit cards unnoticed. A recent study by Gert Holstege, uroneurologist at the University of Groningen Medical Center in The Netherlands, found that watching porn or doing other visual tasks shuts down the part of the brain the processes visual stimuli.

Holstege explains that during orgasm, the brain can either be aroused or anxious. “You have to realize that the brain wants to spare as much energy as possible, so if some part of the brain is not necessary at a high level of functioning, it immediately goes down,” Livescience quotes her.  

The video below gives a peek into the male mind while receiving oral sex.

VIDEO: Men’s Thoughts while Receiving Oral Sex

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