Kurt Busch, the NASCAR driver known as 'The Outlaw', testified that he believes that his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin dispatched on covert missions around the world. In fact, Busch revealed that he once saw his ex-girlfriend in a blood-splattered evening gown.

Busch is facing criminal charges as her former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll reported him as abusive and requested for a no-contact order. Busch countered the allegation by revealing that Driscoll is a trained assassin and his former girlfriend has long admitted that she's about to take revenge right after Busch broke up with her.

According to Driscoll, she was assaulted by Busch in his motorhome at Dover International Speedway by wrestling her throat and pushing her on the wall which made her hit her head on the wall thrice. This allegedly abusive behaviour of Busch is now a subject of a separate criminal investigation. The allegations were of course denied by Busch and his lawyers. In his defence, Busch said he only cupped the cheeks of Driscoll while talking to her to emphasize how he did not like her unannounced visits in his motorhome.

Busch truly believes his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin and being such had made her travel for missions across Central America, South America, and Africa. He said that Driscoll works for the U.S. government and further stated how Driscoll admitted such fact and told him that she took down a number of governments and that she owned Washington.

Busch also seemed to realise how crazy he sounded by the allegations he threw against Driscoll regarding the latter's status as an assassin. Nevertheless, this did not stop Busch from insisting his allegations.

According to Busch, the assassin status has been repeatedly relayed by Driscoll to him and that the latter even showed up on a trench coat covered with blood one time while they were together in El Paso, Texas. When asked about it, she allegedly told Busch that she's a mercenary who gets hired to kill. Busch even reported her as showing picture of dead bodies with gunshot wounds.

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