'My Pet Dinosaur'
A poster of Australian film "My Pet Dinosaur." Press release/ My Pet Dinosaur

The first full trailer of the upcoming film “My Pet Dinosaur” has been released online, along with the plot synopsis. As the name suggests the movie is about a boy and his friendship with his pet, while they struggle against the world that wants to capture the giant creature.

The story begins in a regular small town. The main focus is on a boy, who has everyday concerns with friends at school, and perhaps the girl he likes. Things change when the group of friends makes a discovery after venturing into the woods.

While playing around with an experiment, the boys accidentally create a “dinosaur.” While technically this is just a creature that is created accidentally, as it happens so often in science, it is being called a dinosaur.

The dinosaur starts of small, but grows pretty quickly. Pretty soon it becomes too big to keep it a secret from the people in the town, and the Military that is keen on getting its hands on the creature.

According to the press release “My Pet Dragon” is intended to be a family movie, and is being described as a cross between “E. T” and “Monster’s Inc.” The film has been directed by Matt Drummond, an Aussie who has won an Emmy Award for his work and was also nominated for the 2015 Award for Feature Film Animation.

Drummond cut his teeth as the Visual Effects Supervisor on various projects. The upcoming film is his send movie as director, after the 2014 film “Dinosaur Island.” The script of the upcoming film has also been written by Drummond.

“My Pet Dinosaur” is set to be released in April in Australia. The cast members include Jordan Dulieu, Annabel Wolfe, Christopher Gabardi (‘The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years’) and recognizable Aussie actor Tiriel Mora (‘Farscape’).

Credit: YouTube/ My Pet Dinosaur