Sam Heughan
Actor Sam Heughan participates in the Starz "Outlander" panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California, January 9, 2015. Reuters/David McNew

Fans got to interact with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, as filming continues for “Outlander” season 3 at Edinburgh. The actors were spotted wearing their new costumes for the show, and some of the pictures from the set have surfaced online.

[Spoiler alert]

After filming the Print Shop scene, Heughan (Jamie) and Balfe (Claire) will now film the rest of the season together. The two actors had been filming their separate storylines till now, but their characters are now reunited on the show.

Pictures posted on The Scottish Sun show the two actors in their new costume. Although the story is supposed to show them after 20 years, Jamie and Claire don’t appear to have aged too much.

There were also many extras on the set dressed in their respective costumes. The extras ranged from regular citizens to British soldiers. Some of the fans also managed to click photos of the set pieces and props. The Starz TV show is popular for the accurate depiction of the time period with regards to the costumes and the sets.

Many of the fans travelled to Edinburgh to see the “Outlander” season 3 filming and catch a glimpse of the actors. A video posted on the Twitter page of Mini Kilt Tours shows a few lucky fans who got a chance to have a quick chat with Heughan.

Balfe also took the time to take a break from the filming and interacted with the fans. This video shows her posing for selfies and talking to fans. The actress had apparently been filming all morning, before her interaction with the fans. More behind the scenes photos have been posted on Outlander TV News.

Heughan will be seen in both trousers and kilt in “Outlander” season 3. Pictures posted on Daily Mail give a better look at the costumes of Balfe and her fellow cast member.