Music video of Eminem-produced single, Skylar Grey’s ‘Come Up for Air,’ goes online

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Eminem Skylar Grey
Eminem and Skylar Grey have collaborated in the past with Grey’s 2013 single “C’mon Let Me Ride.” YouTube/Skylar Grey VEVO

Without any news about Eminem new album 2016 release date, an Eminem-produced single, Skylar Grey’s “Come Up for Air,” has debuted its music video last week.

Grey released the music video of her new song, which is the lead single of her upcoming album “Natural Causes,” a 13-track album set for release on Sep. 23.

“Marshall gave me a lot of great feedback, so I rewrote the lyrics like three times, but I finally got to a place where we both really love it,” Grey said about her collaboration with rapper Marshall Mathers.

The singer-songwriter described “Come Up for Air” as a love song with a twist.

“[It’s] technically a break-up song, but it’s about loving the other person so much that you’ll wait forever for them to come back to you. Even if that means you’ll die alone.

“Lyrically, it’s coming from a darker place. It’s about loving somebody so much you’ll wait your whole life for that person even if it means you die waiting. That’s the power of real love. It can hurt.”

Aside from “Come Up for Air,” Grey and Slim Shady also collaborated to produce “Kill for You” under the same album. But the two has already collaborated in the past with Grey’s 2013 single “C’mon Let Me Ride.”

Eminem new album 2016

Like Grey, Eminem last released an album in 2013 with “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” But as of press time, Eminem remained mum as to his new album release.

The “Love Yourself” hit maker made headlines last month when he shared the stage with Canadian rapper Drake who dropped by Eminem’s hometown in Detroit as part of his tour. (Read: Eminem, Drake share stage in Detroit, end speculations over a brewing rap battle)

Eminem is reportedly collaborating with Dirty Dozen for D12’s upcoming album. According to D12’s Swifty Mcvay, Eminem will be part of it. (Read: Eminem collaborates in new D12 album, says Swifty Mcvay)

Without releasing an album and appearing on very limited gigs, the “Berzerk” musician has dropped out of the Forbes magazine list of highest paid celebrities.

WATCH: Skylar Grey’s Come Up for Air [Music Video]