Mojang’s “Minecraft” is one of the long-running games that still feels fresh to its fans. Although the game is years old, the developer is yet to produce a sequel to it. However, but it does regularly update the game with new features and additions to keep it good and enjoyable.

It seems the game is getting an update yet again. This time, it is a huge update for the Windows and Pocket edition of “Minecraft.” More specifically, the update will be made available to “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” and “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta.” Highlights of the update include five new doors for players to outfit their structures in and a new material for them to use, but that’s not all.

The new update it thoroughly explained on the official website of Mojang. Owen Hill took his time in explaining the biggest addition, which is the Redstone. By giving players the ability to mine Redstones, the game is gearing to have new gameplay possibilities as the new material can be used to build a whole lot of new structures.

“Redstone is a mysterious power in Minecraft that works a bit like electricity in the real world. Though this is the first iteration of Redstone for Pocket and Windows 10 Editions, it still gives you the chance to create intricate devices including powered roller coasters and automated doors,“ Hill said.

Among the list of items the Redstone is capable of building are Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, Buttons, Pressure plates, Tripwires, Trapped Chests and Detector Rails. These items will be introduced along with the update, so players have more structure to play with.

The Redstone is already available on the Java-based version of “Minecraft,” Techtimes reports. The addition of these new features to other versions of the game makes it more and more like the original version of it. Mojang is yet to announce when the update will hit other platforms including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and others.

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