"Minecraft" has been spotted on a listing for Wii U. Mojang

Developer Mojang’s million-dollar-earning video game, “Minecraft,” is available for several home consoles including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s also playable in handhelds like the PlayStation Vita as well as iOS and Android devices. Now new reports state that the hit game will also be available in Nintendo Wii U.

NeoGAF user HypnoDarkrai spotted the "Minecraft" listing for the Wii U by the European ratings board PEGI. The news came before the scheduled Nintendo Direct.

Oddly enough, the game wasn’t mentioned at Nintendo Direct. However, its appearance on the ratings board does confirm its development. Although no exact release date has been set for the game yet, it is expected to come out before the year ends.

When the game launches on the Wii U, it could be tweaked to take advantage of the console’s array of features. It could even be capable of Off-TV play. However, seeing as there are minor differences between the console versions of “Minecraft,” not much should be expected from the Wii U version.

This new console release could be beneficial to “Minecraft” owner Microsoft, as it could once again generate a lot of profit. It is worth noting that this is the first time that “Minecraft” will be playable on a Nintendo platform. Sadly, there will be no 3DS version of “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” to accompany the game, Wired reports.

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