Mojang’s sandbox masterpiece “Minecraft” is still getting regular updates and support from the developer. A tweet by a Mojang developer reveals that players may now take to the skies in “Minecraft” as a new method of traversing the game’s infinite world.

“Minecraft” developer Jens Bergensten said that a new equipment, dubbed as a flying cape, will be hitting the game soon via a new content update. Bergensten noted that the upcoming feature will dramatically change the way “Minecraft” players enjoy the game.

Apparently, like most wearable items in the game including armors and weapons, the flying cape is not craftable by any means. Hence, it can only be found and picked up in the massive world of the game.

The Tweet was supplemented with an animated GIF that showcases how the cape works. The cape springs open like a pair of wings when it is being used mid-flight. If a player lands, it will fold automatically. Players who own the cape can dive and soar higher in a smooth manner at will.

The cape will come as part of the next update of the PC version of “Minecraft,” which currently has no release date yet. Mojang is yet to detail any plans on moving the flying cape to consoles. As of now, even the regular capes found within the PC version are not available in the console version.

With “Minecraft” getting a new game changing content, players are sure to have more hours of fun with the game. Those who want to try out a new experience without straying away from the series could opt to play the recently released “Minecraft: Story Mode.”

However, unlike the main series “Minecraft: Story Mode” is not appropriate for young gamers, Mirror UK reports. PEGI rated the game appropriate for players ages 12 and up. The game itself makes frequent use of mild inappropriate language.

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