‘Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition,’ ‘Pocket Edition’ get new updates, Biome Settlers skin pack out

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"Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition" and "Minecraft Pocket Edition" are getting the Biome Settlers Pack 1. Mojang

Following the numerous snapshots and builds teased by developer Mojang, the popular building game “Minecraft” is finally getting a new update. This time, it is slated for the “Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition” and the “Minecraft Pocket Edition” for mobile.

The biggest feature added are Redstone Circuits, previously mentioned in some of the snapshot builds. Now, “Minecraft Windows 10” beta players can enjoy crafting Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, Buttons, Pressure Plates, Tripwires, Detector Rails and Trapped Chests.

The Redstone is among the top requested features among “Minecraft” fans, GameSpot reported. This is because the Redstone can yield the redstone dust, which is necessary for players to build more advanced items and allow signals to carry over between objects. This is useful for creating items like lights and doorbells.

Most of the redstone function are limited to basic ones, as Mojang has promised two more updates to bring in more advanced functionality. This, however, has yet to be detailed and may take a while before it becomes an official update such as this one.

Other features included in the “Minecraft .13” update are dessert temples. These are made from sandstone and do contain some loot that serves as a reward for surviving the perilous adventure within. Apart from these, there are also new bunnies in the game, with six types found all around the “Minecraft” world.

Mojang has also released a new skin pack, dubbed as the Biome Settlers Pack 1 for the “Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition” and “Minecraft Pocket Edition.” Developer Mojang detailed over its official blog that the new skin pack has been developed from the ground up so that it is tailored for the world of “Minecraft.”

What is great for fans is that the Biome Settlers Pack 1 is numbered as such because it will be part of a series of packs. The first pack will feature some skins for “Minecraft” area dwellers like the Forest, Tundra and Desert settlers.

The Biome Settlers Pack is already out and available for download. It costs US$1.99 (approx. AU$2.75). There are 24 new skins with the paid pack. However, Mojang has made some of the skins accessible for free for “Minecraft” fans who do not want to buy the entire pack.

"Minecraft" Biome Settlers Pack 1 (Credit: YouTube/crabbyeric90)

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