Australia's Monika Radulovic has made it to the top 10 at the 64th Miss Universe pagent, which is being held at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas.

The top 10 contestants of Miss Universe 2015 were announced during the grand finale on Sunday. They were selected based on their scores in the swimsuit round. The top 10 include: Miss Australia, Miss USA, Miss Japan, Miss Colombia, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss France, Miss Thailand, Miss Venezuela, Miss Philippines and Miss Curacao.

The top 15 contestants from Curacao, Belgium, Japan, Venezuela, South Africa, Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, France and USA showed off their perfectly shaped figures in Yamamy swimsuits.

This year, a total of 80 contestants participated to win the coveted title. From the top ten, only five contenders will be selected for the final round. The winner will be crowned Miss Universe 2015 by Paulina Vega of Columbia, the reigning Miss Universe.

Meanwhile, for the first time, Miss Universe organisers have allowed fans to vote during live broadcast. In addition to judges scores, fans' votes will help determine the 2015 Miss Universe winner.

Miss Universe 2015 is being brodcast live on 7TWO in Australia.

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