Miranda Kerr is a good neighbour, taking care of the troubles she might have caused by her antics, which include playing loud music and jumping in the pool without clothes. The Australian model has talked about what she does when she is in trouble with the neighbours.

“I had the kitchen and the bathrooms redone, so I sent them muffins – gluten-free, of course. ‘Really sorry about the noise, thanks for your patience,'” the model said in a recent interview with The Edit. She was also upset that none of her neighbours cared to thank her for her gesture.

“But no one replied. No, ‘Thanks for the muffins, they were yummy,'” said Kerr, adding that some of her neighbours might be upset with her loud music. “I also play my music quite loud sometimes, and run and jump in the pool naked! Do you know that [Sia] song that goes, Hey, I heard you were a wild one?"

In the same interview, Kerr talked about her relationship with current boyfriend, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. The Australian model called her boyfriend “sweet, really kind and smart.” She added that they both have a lot in common. “He’s 25, but he acts like he’s 50,” Kerr told the magazine, adding that he is also a homebody like her.

“He’s not out partying. He goes to work in Venice [Beach], he comes home. We don’t go out. We’d rather be at home and have dinner, go to bed early,” the successful model said.

Kerr, 32, first met Spiegel, 25, at a “work dinner for Louis Vuitton.” At first, she was quite reluctant to get into a new relationship after her divorce with actor Orlando Bloom, but she is glad she did.

“You can’t close yourself off from love. I try to keep my heart open and not feel afraid,” she said.