"Minecraft" has surpassed the 100 million mark for its sales. Mojang

“Minecraft” players have a lot to celebrate about. The franchise has already achieved he milestone achievement of surpassing 100 million sales to date, and released the first pre-release for “Minecraft 1.10.”

Developer Mojang has showcased a neat infographic in its official blog. One amusing comparison number involves having the 12th populous nation, supposing that every person who had bought a copy of “Minecraft” was included in that country.

More impressive would be the fact that, in 2016 alone, it appears that “Minecraft” has sold an average of 53,000 copies per day. For a nice point of reference as to which countries sold which particular version of “Minecraft,” the image above shows the graphs for the “Minecraft PC,” console editions, and Pocket Edition or “Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition.”

Another point of interest is a dropped clue within the infographics. Since the “Minecraft” community also includes four copies sold in Antarctica, the developer mentioned that there may be polar bears coming to the next PC and Mac update.

Apart from that update, Mojang has also rolled out the first “Minecraft 1.10 pre-release. This follows a couple of snapshots that were released in the last couple of weeks and days. As it is the first release, the developer is still expecting feedback and reported issues from players, before it gives a date on when the final “Minecraft 1.10 Update” will be released.

Among the available bugs fixed in the “Minecraft 1.10 pre-release” includes the following:

  • Inability to place anything on Nether Wart Blocks
  • Inability to set Nether Wart Block on fire
  • Legacy ender dragon not moving
  • Too low oxygen values for mob
  • Incorrect generation of village paths under trees
  • Signs, banners, end rods and anvils mirrored incorrectly
  • Mob pathfinding including the magma block
  • Gravel spawning around the Village Walls instead of Grass Paths
  • Crash when using fishing rod in the same tick
  • Villager not running away even when attacked by husks
  • Hostile mobs spawning on magma block

The full list of bug fixes can be seen in the link here. As usual, when testing the pre-release, it’s best to save worlds to avoid corrupting them.