Miley Cyrus’ knack for crazy antics proved worthy in an auction held during the Los Angeles LGBT Centre's Vanguard Awards at the Hyatt Regency Plaza Hotel on Saturday, Nov. 7. The singer licked a piano auctioned at the centre in an effort to sell it to the highest bidder. Her outrageous move eventually attracted a profit of $50,000 (over AU$70,000).

The grand white piano was already autographed to begin with when it was auctioned off at the gala. However, Miley accepted a request from seller Linda Perry to further add value to the instrument with her saliva. In the video below, Perry is heard asking the singer to go up on stage to lick the piano, which Miley willingly obliged.

Mirror UK also shared a photo of the “Wrecking Ball” singer licking the musical instrument. The piano was reportedly donated for charity by “Orange is the New Black” actress Ruby Rose.

Miley was given the Vanguard Award during the gala for her philanthropic work for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community or LGBT through her “Happy Hippie Foundation” charity.

“I want all of you to know that I feel beyond grateful to be in a room full of so many...people who care so much about others because unfortunately that is way too rare in the world that we live in today. I'm thinking of tonight not as celebrating what we've already done but what we're doing and what we're going to do in the future,” Miley addressed the members of the Los Angeles LGBT Centre and members of her own foundation during her acceptance speech.

Among the other personalities honoured at the gala for their work with the LGBT community include Jane Fonda and screenwriter Ron Nyswaner. In her speech, the actress mentioned how the “trans women are the frontline warriors in the battle against patriarchy.”

“Because you better believe that any person who gives up penis privilege voluntarily is going to be a threat to the patriarchy,” she said according to the report from Mirror UK.

Source:YouTube/ LGBT Hollywood

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