For once, Miley Cyrus was covered to quite an extent when she performed on the X-Factor. She did not twerk, gave out no raunchy dance moves and even didn't speak anything controversial. But she is still in news? You may ask why? Well, that is because the controversial singer did not sing her latest song "Wrecking Ball" up to the mark.

Perched atop a sand dune (an artificial one of-course), the 20-year-old appeared to star as a desert princess with her head completely in black gear. The American crooner wore a backless golden full length gown as she belted out the lyrics of "Wrecking Ball." Everything looked good until Miley opened her mouth. Her voice didn't sound as melodious as it does on the real version on "Wrecking Ball." [Check out the video below.]

The singer slowly makes her way down as she sings the song with full involvement, her eyes closed in her thought process and hands moving forcefully as if to make a point. The audience does cheer and judges even give her a standing ovation when she finishes her song. However her fans on Twitter and YouTube seemed to be taken back by the voice quality of the "real" Miley and have even called the performance "untalented."

"I don't get how she's famous? She's untalented and cannot sing live. How she still has fans is beyond me," writes onE fan Jack Power on YouTube.

"Is Miley Cyrus ok? At least we can be 1000% sure she isn't miming, good on her for giving it a go," writes Tom on Twitter.

"Miley Cyrus literally sounds like a goat," agreed Caroline on Twitter as she expressed her dissatisfaction on her performance.

Miley later confirmed on Twitter that she was not in her best health as she gave the performance on Sunday.

"Happy to get some rest. time to go be sicky," Miley Tweeted.

However one person who came up in Miley's support was One Direction singer Niall Horan.

"Sick! @MileyCyrus was incredible tonight, what a voice," Nial wrote on Twitter about Miley.

Watch the video below and tell us if we should excuse the singer this time because of ill health or do you feel this is her real voice and what we hear on records is a tweaked and computerised version of Miley Cyrus' vocals?

Miley Cyrus Performing 'Wrecking Ball' On The X Factor UK