After Brazilian model Tati Neves photographed a sleeping Justin Bieber on her phone camera, its Miley Cyrus' turn to do the same! The 20-year-old singer was caught sneaking into Justin Bieber's bedroom, almost. Before your dirty minds get into some other direction, we would like to make clear what the whole fuss is about.

Miley is surely seen in Justin Bieber's room, it's true till here. The "We Can't Stop" singer is actually making fun of the whole Bieber-Tati saga. Miley, who is known for her queer sense of humour, has actually poked fun at the Canadian singer with a parody of the YouTube video, which garnered hundreds of view.

Miley mimics the 27-year-old Brazilian model Tati by folding her arms around her chest tightly and sticking her tongue out and then rubbing it suggestively over her lips. Tati shot a sleeping Justin Bieber in his bedroom on her camera phone. Tati, who allegedly confesses to having sex with the Canadian crooner, is then seen smiling and pouting at the camera before waving a flying kiss to the sleeping Justin.

Miley filmed her parody during her visit to Capital FM Breakfast in London. Her take on Justin video is funny. She cuts herself into the same video by removing Tati from the frame. [Watch below]

Tati has been gaining media attention ever since she posted the Justin sleeping video online. The bodybuilder model has been interviewed by various television and news channels ever since the fiasco. Initially she denied having any sex with the Canadian crooner but during her later interview, she thought of getting more popularity and confessed all. Tati not only said she had an "unforgettable" experience with Justin but also praised the singer for his sexual prowess.

"It was marvellous and unforgettable... He has quite a fit body and looked great naked," Tati said.

"Take it from me, he's well endowed and very good in bed," she added. Watch Miley Cyrus mimicking Tati Neves in the video below.
Miley Cyrus caught on camera in Justin Bieber's bedroom

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