A Mexican Federal Judicial policeman uproots marijuana plants on a clandestine plantation some four miles east of Santa Cruz de Alaya, in Sinaloa state, March 4.
A Mexican Federal Judicial policeman uproots marijuana plants on a clandestine plantation some four miles east of Santa Cruz de Alaya, in Sinaloa state, March 4. Reuters/Andrew Winning

Mexico is slowly but surely leaning towards leniency for a standard medical marijuana program, making history in the process.

Unlike its northern neighbours, Mexico views the plant in a different light. Sure, it’s illegal like in most countries, but it was Mexicans who first brought marijuana, then called “marihuana,” into the US before it first became outlawed. And now, well into the 21st century, every new day is bringing more likelihood that Mexico is set to become a pioneer, that is, in using cannabidiol (CBD) as a medical supplement.

However, this isn’t entirely new news. Before he left the office, former Mexican President Vicente Fox proposed that the drug should be decriminalised. However, that proposal went nowhere. Then back on June 19, 2017, President Enrique Peña Nieto drew international attention when he signed a bill that makes medical marijuana legal in the country by classifying it as a “therapeutic drug.” The bill also legalises its cultivation and production, as well as the use of cannabis products with less than 1 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Furthermore, Tourism Secretary Enrique de la Madrid told reporters last January that legalising marijuana would be a big help in combating chaos in the country. He also said that it’s completely absurd that the country had not taken this step yet. He also made these comments a mere six months away from a presidential election that tackles how the country would proceed with a US-backed drug war as one of its major debates.

For companies like PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), this is rather exciting news. A publicly traded company that focuses on the development of the cannabis industry and its many benefits, POTN is one of its pioneers, breaking sales record after sales record and operating through its subsidiaries, which includes the highly successful Diamond CBD, one of the largest manufacturers of CBD products in the United States.

But with all this talk about CBD and the nations pushing efforts to legalize it, what exactly is CBD? For most people, the word “marijuana” usually connotes euphoria. This is due to the psychoactive effects of THC. However, THC is just one of the many compounds present in the plant. More and more studies are proving that CBD has more boons, which includes a vast array of medical and therapeutic benefits, and it does not give consumers that “high” feeling.

CBD is what’s been making up the bulk of POTN’s research and development, steadily positioning itself as a manufacturer of various products ranging from edibles such as candies and gummies to treats for pets, which the company releases through its MediPets product line.

The company also recently moved to change its name to Biotech Hemp, Inc. as an effort to solidify its place in the market and further align itself with Diamond CBD’s expanding product lines. The move is also due to the company exceeding US$10 million (AUS$13.54 million) in revenue for the first five months of 2018 alone, prompting the company to focus its efforts on the “miracle” compound and all the possibilities that come with it.

Moving forward, only time will tell if Mexico, along with the rest of the world, will push with the legalisation of the plant. Still, with companies like POTN present in the field, it’s clear to see that if it ever gets welcomed with open arms, the world will be a met with a booming industry that already presents a myriad of possibilities and opportunities.

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