Mercury Retrograde 2014: Cosmic Reason for Worries Over Delays and Mishaps Ends on July 1

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Mercury retrograde 2014 is in session for the second time this year. There will be some delays and mishaps related to this astrological event, according to reports.

Mercury retrograde 2014 means chaos, or at least that is what many superstitious people believe. It happens a couple of times a year, and this time it lasts from June 7 to July 1. This astrological event, often perceived as a special cosmic affair, is "an optical illusion." explains the meaning of Mercury retrograde: The planet Mercury appears to move backwards from the observers' perspective on Earth, but there is no retrograde motion, during Mercury retrograde. In science terms, this means the planet is going about its usual orbit, although it does not look that way, explains this NASA's Starchild page.

Several astrology Web sites have a lot of tips in relation to Mercury retrograde 2014. Those who would pick up these tips would need them again from Oct. 4 to Oct. 25, the last session this year.

"A lost idea or person can return, especially someone [who] has a mysterious pull on the soul or psyche," is what could happen during Mercury retrograde 2014, says

Various readings suggest electronics, transport systems, business travels are some of the things usually affected by Mercury retrograde.

"(I)f you have a business trip planned, check that itinerary not once, not twice, but three or even four times," reports

On Twitter, some people are talking about Mercury retrograde 2014, as if there is a real cause for concern. It so happens that the most recent Full Moon occurs on a Friday the 13th (June 13) and falls within the same date range as the retrograde, so some people were extra superstitious.

The Mercury retrograde 2014 is still in effect. It lasts up to July 1, after which the world's electronics, communications and travel systems are supposed to go back to normal.

Here is celebrity Jessica Lu's tweet on Mercury retrograde, the full moon, and Friday the 13th.

For those who are monitoring, Mercury retrograde 2014 "happens" again from Oct. 4 to Oct. 25. This current session ends July 1.

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