A behind-the-scenes picture from the production set of Starz TV series "Outlander." Facebook/ Outlander

This is perhaps the most hectic time for the producers of the “Outlander” TV series. The cast members have done their job by filming the relevant scenes for season 3, barring some automated dialogue replacement for some actors. Now, the post production process begins. There is also the added task of getting the script for season 4 ready.

The writers and producers of the show can’t spend too much time relaxing at the moment, because work on the next season has to begin immediately. It takes about 10 months to film all episodes of a season, so the scripts have to be finalised long before that.

Co-executive producer and writer Matthew B. Roberts has just returned to Los Angeles, but he is splitting his time between monitoring post production work of season 3 and the script of season 4. The plot of the upcoming season is based on Diana Gabaldon’s book “Voyager,” while the next season is based on “Drums of Autumn.”

Meanwhile, cast member Sam Heughan (Jamie) is beginning to forget the script of season 3. When one of the fans asked him about where he filmed the Print Shop scene, he said “Fairfax Close,” but Gabaldon corrected him and said that it was “Carfax,” a name from the book.

Apart from the name goof-up, Heughan has also been involved in a Twitter “feud” with Caitriona Balfe (Claire). The actress is still not happy about her fellow cast member steering them into a log on the last day of filming, which left a mark on her nose when she collided face first with a log.

With the filming wrapped up, all cast members are busy working on other projects. Steven Cree (Ian Murray) is busy supporting International Animal Rescue charity organisation, Outlander TV News reports. The actor has to wear a prosthetic leg on the show, which was a challenge in the first season. However, the actor said that he has now gotten used to it, and filming “Outlander” season 3 was comparatively easier.

Credit: Matthew B Roberts

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