'Outlander' parody
A still from a trailer of an "Outlander" parody directed by Tasha K Pinckney. Tasha K Pinckney

“Outlander” fans working at a clinic in the US are producing a parody video of the Starz TV series, and they have just released a trailer of their work. The team who made the parody is travelling to Scotland in August for the Highlander Convention, hoping to showcase their work at the event.

Just like in the show, the plot of the parody follows the journey of a young Sassenach, who is intrigued by stories of dance of witches in the woods of Scotland. She ventures out and inadvertently travels back in time. In the 1700s she meets the dreadful Black Jack Randall, who wants to have his way with her but seems to struggle.

The Sassenach, whose name in the parody is Claire Bennet, eventually meets a group of young Scotsmen. The men, including Jamie, escort her back to their home.

Jamie in the parody may not have the muscles of Sam Heughan, but Claire falls for him anyway. The attraction is enough for her to consider sticking around for a while before planning her escape back to the future.

The team behind the parody video doesn’t have the budget of the Starz TV series, but they did manage to pull of some interesting scenes. Enough time and effort was spent on the costumes, and the scars on Jamie’s back seem realistic enough.

There is a lot of kissing and action to boot, sprinkled with jokes like the one where Claire has to drop her modern outfits for a corset. The behind-the-scenes footage also shows how much fun the fans had while making the video.

The parody was directed by Tasha K. Pinckney, who also worked on the costumes and script. Although her husband Vergil L. Pinckney plays the role of Jamie in the production, she cast an actress that looks more like Claire, then taking the role of Laoghaire herself.

The half-hour “Outlander” parody is expected to premiere by August. All the filming was done in Rochester, Minnesota.

Credit: Tasha Kettula/ YouTube