On Episode 10 of “MasterChef Junior” Season 4, the top 6 contestants face a Michelin level challenge. The episode focuses on one big event, a dinner party at judge Gordon Ramsay’s home. The young home cooks split up into two teams, and prepared meals for some of Gordon’s closest friends and colleagues.

Gordon tells the contestants, that he has invited 20 guests to a dinner party at his home. The contestants then recreated two of the dishes, taken from the menu of Gordon’s 3 Michelin Star restaurant in London.

Addison and Amaya were the team captains, after winning the tag team challenge in the previous episode. Addison led the Blue Team, while Amaya led the Red Team. They chose their teammates and the draw came out as follows:

Blue Team: Addison (Captain), Kya, JJ

Red Team: Amaya (Captain), Zac, Avery

Judges Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi drove to Gordon’s house with the contestants in tow. They arrived at the sprawling backyard, where a massive outdoor kitchen awaited them. Gordon proceeded to demonstrate how to cook the items on the menu. The contestants had to recreate the following dishes:

Appetizer: Pan seared snapper with rainbow chard and shellfish broth.

Entree: Venison loin on a bed of cabbage, gnocchi, chanterelles and parsnip puree.

The teams were given only 50 minutes to cook the appetizers, and they immediately faced some problems. Gordon saw that the Red Team’s strategy is heading towards a disaster. Amaya assigned each person to one component of the dish, causing them all to be off-sync. Zac cooked the fish, while Avery took care of the rainbow chard. Amaya was busy with the shellfish, when Gordon pulled them aside and pointed out that they are all making a different number of servings at the same time. The Blue Team also hit a snag when Kya burnt the fish. They managed to recover, but they ended up serving one plate that’s missing a portion of red snapper.

Both teams were unsteady, coming into the second round. They had only 60 minutes for the venison entree, and Amaya immediately felt the pressure. She started to get confused and burnt the cabbage. Her Red Team got just as confused, when she didn't know how long to keep the venison in the oven. They ended up overcooking their venison, and Zac steped up to the plate and took control. Amaya sliced the meat wrong and messed up another aspect of the dish.

Over at the Blue Team, it was JJ who was having a breakdown. He burnt Gordon with a pan full of venison and scorching hot butter. Luckily, Gordon was not hurt too badly and his burns were minor. JJ forgot to put in another pan of venison, to replace the ones that he dropped. After Gordon threatened to take over, they got their act together and they ended up finishing strong.

It was a close fight, and the judges sat down with the guests. They gathered feedback and made their final decision. The Red Team Won, and that puts Amaya, Zac and Avery in the semi-finals of “MasterChef Junior” Season 4.

The Blue Team lost, and two of its members need to go home. The judges decided to save Addison. It means JJ and Kya were both sent home. This leaves only 4 contestants, for next week’s semi-finals.

“MasterChef Junior” Season 4 airs every Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET on FOX.