In this week’s episode of “MasterChef Junior” Season 4, only 12 contestants remain. The young home cooks face a Mystery Box challenge. Afterwards, they get their first chance to serve VIPs in the “MasterChef” Restaurant. Two contestants exit the competition at the end of the episode, leaving the Top 10.

Mystery Box Challenge

Judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi tell the contestants to lift the Mystery Boxes on their stations. They all find blindfolds and they soon learn that they need to taste a special dish created by Ramsay. They need to do their best to recreate the dish without seeing it.

Gordon’s special creation is a pan seared chicken breast with mushroom ju, rosemary mashed potatoes, glazed baby carrots, green beans and turnips. Right from the first bite, some contestants find themselves in trouble. Several contestants think that the protein is pork instead of chicken.

Zac, Amaya, JJ and Sam go for the pork and are immediately unable to compete for the win. Kya nearly sets the kitchen on fire, when she accidentally flambes the vinegar on her chicken. However, Gordon helps her save the dish and she manages to serve up a fantastic chicken breast. She missed the turnips and the mushrooms, but Gordon thinks that the other elements in her dish are just as tasty as the one that he created. Kya wins the challenge, and Kaitlyn comes in second.

Elimination Challenge

Kya and Kaitlyn are then appointed team captains for the elimination challenge. This time, the contestants will be divided into two teams of six. The winning captain, Kya, chooses between two boxes of ingredients with contents coming from New England or New Mexico. For her Red Team, she chooses the New England box. Kaitlyn and her Blue Team are then left with ingredients from New Mexico.

Red Team: Kya (captain), Avery, Sam, Corey, Jesse, Ian.

Blue Team: Kaitlyn (captain), Addison, Zac, Kamilly, JJ, Amaya

For the restaurant service, the teams are told that they need to prepare 31 servings for a group of very special guests. The “MasterChef” Restaurant is filled with women who have been cooking good food all their lives. The evening’s service will be for specially-invited grandmothers.

The kids are thrilled to be serving VIGs or Very Important Grandmothers. Kya’s Red Team decides to serve up a New England clam and mussel bake with cod fish cakes and celery salad. The Blue Team, on the other hand, settles for a menu of spiced pork loin with black bean cakes, chorizo succotash and avocado mousse.

Service goes fairly smoothly, considering that the kitchen is being run by kids who are between 8 and 12 years old. The Blue Team faces a small issue with the amount of pork that they have prepared, so they need to adjust their portion size. At the Red Team, Ian doesn’t prepare the celery properly for the salad, but Gordon points out the mistake and they recover quickly.

In the end, the Blue team edges ahead with their spicy pork dish. The Red Team faces the chopping block and the judges immediately save Sam and Avery. In the end, Ian and Jesse are sent home, leaving only 10 contestants in the competition.

Catch the top 10 battle it out on "MasterChef Junior" Season 4 next Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET on FOX.

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