MasterChef Australia
'MasterChef Australia' Season 9 contestants Eliza Wilson, Diana Chan, Sarah Tiong, Eloise Praino and Karlie Verkerk take a selfie in Japan. MasterChef Australia/Facebook

The top nine contestants of “MasterChef Australia” season 9 arrived in Japan with the judges. They bought one ingredient each from around Tokyo for the Mystery Box. The contestants had an open pantry to cook their dishes and 60 minutes of cooking time.

WA contestant Tamara Graffen bought scallops, NSW contestant Sarah Tiong went for lily root, Callan Smith from NSW bought soya beans, Arum Nixon, also from NSW, bought honey yams, SA contestant Eloise Praino chose cherry blossom radish, NSW contestant Karlie Verkerk went for wagyu, VIC contestant Diana Chan chose sesame dressing, Eliza Wilson, another VIC contestant, chose miso and QLD contestant Ben Ungermann opted for Sake. Sunday’s episode was called Tokyo Eclectic Box Challenge and Invention Test.

After a 60-minute cook-off, the three best dishes were produced by Eloise, Karlie and Diana, who was the winner for the Invention Test’s advantage. Diana opted for wasabi over soy and ginger sauce. The winning dish will advance a contestant to compete in the Immunity Challenge. Ben beat Eliza and Sarah. He earned a place for Immunity because of his Wasabi Ice Cream with Yam Fondants and Nutmeg Biscuit dish. However, Ben’s win left many viewers furious as judges chose his basic dessert to be the best.

The contestants were unprepared to cook outdoors. Sarah had to restart the dish 10 minutes into cooking after a big gush of wind blew the meal onto the floor. Time ran out fast, but Karlie, Elouise and Diana were awarded the top three spots. Diana’s Seared Wagyu Beef with Sesame Honey Yams and Lily Root Broth made her the winner of the first challenge.

“Out of the blue, a big gust of wind just seems to be blowing everything everywhere. I hear a crash. I look to my side, and my hot pickled lily root has just fallen onto the floor. It's just the worst thing that could happen right now. I've got to restart it. Absolutely devastating,” Sarah said during the show.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Sarah is now daring to dream big as she never imagined she would make it to the Top 10 in “MasterChef Australia” Season 9. The 25-year-old is proud to have come this far and is keen on impressing the judges till the very end. She is confident of turning traditional food from her childhood, “village food,” as she puts it, into restaurant quality food. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the show.