Mass Effect: Andromeda
Image showing Pathfinder and Sara Ryder. Facebook/BioWare

BioWare could soon be releasing free multiplayer content, story expansions and more for “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” Fans are also expecting to receive information on the patches the developer is working on to improve gameplay. A patch on facial animations is highly likely.

The game has plenty of surprises, both in the single-player journey and the awesome multiplayer. Players can fight wave after wave of opponents by working as a team. The game is shaping up well for the long haul. BioWare needs to take it forward carefully. The developer recently tweeted its fans teasing about its immediate plans, which the company will reveal on April 4. BioWare explained the importance of player feedback, and how that is an important part of the ongoing support of the game.

The developer is taking feedbacks very seriously and has promised solutions soon to improve and build on “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” While a lot of the feedback has been positive, there are many who are disappointed with a lot of aspects in the game, especially the facial animations. Some have been overtly critical, writes WWG. Meanwhile, Paul Tassi of Forbes has listed certain points that need to be addressed by BioWare for continued success of the game. It is impossible to redo every asari/human face in the game.

Hence, BioWare can at least fix the worst animation bugs via a patch. There are faces that contort in bizarre ways or someone suddenly starts crab-walking across the floor. These should be fixed immediately. Moreover, a lot of players are not happy with the crafting system, as it becomes really complex and a nightmare. The game can be a bit more generous with research materials and minerals. Splitting Research and Development into two sections is causing problems.

This is especially true when “players are trying to craft 10 different levels of items over the course of the game using these overlapping and convoluted systems.” There are a lot of bugs, apart from the facial animation ones, that need to be fixed for a more indulging experience. This has to be BioWare’s priority. Some players have also suggested changes in the Quest list and Navigation system. The Quest list seems to be too unintuitive with missions listed in nonsensical categories.

Once the “Mass Effect: Andromeda” main story and main side-quests are completed, players have to take on the remaining side-quests under “additional tasks.” However, most of them do not have any real objective marker. This makes consulting YouTube walkthroughs necessary, if a player does not want to coast around planets and attack random cloned bases, in a bid to find an object. Thus, the end game needs to be finetuned a bit.