Singer Mariah Carey arrives with billionaire James Packer for the premiere of "The Intern" in New York September 21, 2015.
Singer Mariah Carey arrives with billionaire James Packer for the premiere of "The Intern" in New York September 21, 2015. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Mariah Carey spoke for the first time to Ellen DeGeneres about her rumoured split from fiancé James Packer on Wednesday. During her visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the host asked her about a particular scene in her upcoming docuseries, "Mariah's World." The conversation ended with her talking about the status of her relationship with the Australian billionaire.

Ellen asked Mariah's permission on discussing the singer's highly publicised relationship and the scene in the docu-series that the host described as personal. Ellen cited the scene where Mariah was trying on dresses for a wedding.

"You were engaged and you were trying on wedding dresses in the docu-series. We see the behind the scenes of that, which is pretty personal. And now, you're not together anymore," Ellen said.

"Now it's a whole freakin' thing," Mariah answered.

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"No, I'm actually.... Everything happens for a reason. Things are the way they are." Mariah said when asked about how she was faring since her breakup.

"That's what I'm saying. It's kind of difficult to talk about it at the moment. So, I'm just going to compliment you on these decorations once again because they are fabulous, and I am here, among them," Mariah continued after Ellen pointed out that she saw James in the docu-series.

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In August, the singer confirmed that James would star on the show. The docu-series will air its first episode on Dec. 4 on E! in the US.

Mariah's naked bath selfie on Instagram

Ellen also asked the singer about her sensual bath photos uploaded in September that were slammed by some Instagram users. One of the photos was shown to the audience as Ellen said it was a holiday treat.


Bubbly times selfie __❤️✨_

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

"It was 4 in the morning… and I decided to take a bath and then I was bombarded by somebody. I’m not gonna say who it was… and she was like, ‘Let’s take a picture!’ … I’m like, ‘Nooo! Go away!’ But, by the way, I’m wearing a bodysuit under that. Nobody can see. They think I'm nude, but I'm not," the singer said.

When Ellen asked about the diamonds the singer wore in her naked bath selfie, the singer said that they are hard to take off. "They're not going to fall off … do you really want to take them off? These are hard to take off. It takes so long, and I'd already ran the water," Mariah said.

Ellen DeGeneres interview with Mariah on split with James Packer [VIDEO]