Margot Robbie
Australian actress Margot Robbie poses at the European premiere of the film "The Legend of Tarzan" at Leicester Square in London, England, July 5, 2016. Reuters/Paul Hackett

“Suicide Squad” duo Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne are going to feature on the cover of LOVE together in the magazine’s latest issue. They are the British fashion magazine’s newest cover girls to grace the cover.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the duo has channelled their inner ‘80s girl group. Robbie who plays Harley Quinn in the movie, the psychotic lover of The Joker, will be interviewed by Delevingne, who plays Enchantress. The two look gorgeous, to say the least, in their ‘80s style. The photos have been taken by Willy Vanderperre and LOVE's Editor in Chief Katie Grand.

Grand said that her inspiration for the shoot came from the ‘80s all-female band, The Belle Stars. The band specialised in incredible hair accessories, rock and pop music. Miranda Joyce, the saxophonist for the band, did the actresses’ makeup herself.

“So the thing is, strangely this issue is an ode to my young teenage years. Cara and Margot ARE me and Jo Parker, and it’s no coincidence that Miranda Joyce – previously the foxy sax player in The Belle Stars – did the make-up,” Grand wrote in LOVE’s website.

The website also provides a description of the costumes worn by the two actresses. Robbie will be seen in a printed wool jumper by Balenciaga, black rabbit felt Bowie T56 hat by Saint Laurent, striped shirt by Vetements, polka dot headscarf made using fabric from Cloth House, vintage gold hoop earrings from Modes & More and matt dark turtle sunglasses by Cutler and Gross for Dover Street Market.

Delevingne will be seen in vintage beret from Modes & More, blue striped men’s shirt by Vivienne Westwood, pearl necklace by Miu Miu, polka dot headscarf made using fabric from Cloth House and round sunglasses by Marc Jacobs.

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