Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on stage during the Facebook F8 conference in San Francisco, California April 12, 2016. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg wrote a lengthy message to the FB community on Feb. 17. He stated in the post that FB would do its part in building a global community.

Social Infrastructure

In the Facebook post, Zuckerberg discussed beyond business products and updates. He said that throughout history, people were empowered by social infrastructures like communities, media and governments to achieve things that could not be done alone. With this came the question if people were building the world everyone wanted. He said that Facebook can develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for everyone.

Greatest Opportunities and Challenges

"Today we are close to taking our next step. Our greatest opportunities are now global -- like spreading prosperity and freedom, promoting peace and understanding, lifting people out of poverty, and accelerating science. Our greatest challenges also need global responses -- like ending terrorism, fighting climate change, and preventing pandemics. Progress now requires humanity coming together not just as cities or nations, but also as a global community," Zuckerberg wrote. Zuckerberg added that the development of the global community aims to connect more people.

Connecting Friends and Families

Zuckerberg narrated that FB focused on connecting friends and families for the past decade. But this time, FB will focus on developing the social infrastructure for the community. He stated that the global community is a project bigger than any one organisation or company.

Role of Facebook in Building Social Communities

Zuckerberg said that FB will help people in building supportive, safe, informed, civically engaged and inclusive communities. He hoped that more people will commit to building the long-term social infrastructure to bring humanity together. Furthermore, he said that FB will help people make the greatest positive impact while mitigating areas where technology and social media can contribute to divisiveness and isolation.

"Facebook is a work in progress, and we are dedicated to learning and improving. We take our responsibility seriously, and today I want to talk about how we plan to do our part to build this global community," Zuckerberg added.

Many FB users gave positive comments and believed in Zuckerberg's post. FB user David Kirkpatrick from New York said that the move of Zuckerberg was a major step forward for the company. Another FB user, Tracy Alvarez of Wisconsin said that FB helped her to build a stronger and safer community.

Meanwhile, Robert Scoble of California commended Zuckerberg's leadership and said that other social spaces were not doing the same thinking like himself. As of this writing, the FB post of Zuckerberg has 9,322 shares, more than 84,000 likes and 4,900 comments.