WBC/WBA welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. of the U.S. attends a news conference at the MGM Grand hotel-casino in Las Vegas
WBC/WBA welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. of the U.S. attends a news conference at the MGM Grand hotel-casino in Las Vegas, Nevada September 10, 2014. Mayweather will defend his titles, including his WBC jr. middleweight title, against Marcos Maidana of Argentina in a rematch at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 13. REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Ma

One of the members from the Manny Pacquiao camp, namely the Filipino boxer’s adviser Mike Koncz, is giving Floyd Mayweather Jr. until the end of January 2015 to decide if he wants the super fight in 2015 or not.

“We’re giving this until the end of the month,” Koncz said on Monday via tempo.com.ph, the website for a local daily in the Philippines, Pacquiao’s home country. “We’re waiting for word from Floyd.”

Koncz, who is one of the members included in the inner circle of Pacquiao went on to describe the negotiations as “very sensitive” and the article even stated that Bob Arum, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Top Rank Promotions which handles Pacquiao’s fights, has chosen the path of silence at this point owing to the said sensitivity of the issue.

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Ever since admitting that he wants the Pacquiao fight specifically on May 2, 2015 last November, Mayweather has largely been silent about the negotiations. On the other hand, Pacquiao has repeatedly goaded Mayweather on social media about wanting the fight and making it happen for the fans and the sport of boxing.

Meanwhile, in a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao related update, boxrec.com updated their upcoming schedule stating that Mayweather will indeed face Pacquiao on May 2, 2015. The post has since been edited out and deleted. boxrec.com or BoxRec is a known entity to regularly update the win-loss-draw records of past professional boxing fights plus upcoming schedule of all professional fights in the world. The said website has yet to release a statement regarding the addition— then deletion— of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao update.

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Boxing fans on Twitter were quick to react on the said update:

Appears Mayweather vs Pacquiao was added to BoxRec last night but hastily got removed. Could it finally be happening? pic.twitter.com/Vtse4JtGPV

— Stuart Jones 父 (@StudiniJones) January 6, 2015

Wow boxrec just had #mayweatherpacquiao listed for 5/2 and was removed. Other sources said they have agreed but hasnt been released. — Mucho Ding Dong (@elelcool_james) January 6, 2015

BoxRec got Mayweather /Paquaio on deck for Cinco de Mayo... Hopefully its true and the negotiations worked!

— writteningreennotes (@A_G_E_MATTERS) January 6, 2015

However, most were disappointed that the site eventually deleted the update and that there is no official announcement regarding the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight from either camp.