Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is all set to deliver his speech on maintenance of national security later on Tuesday. In his statement, he will be highlighting his approach on how to deal with terrorist groups like the Islamic State.

Turnbull’s statement is expected to have similarities with his speech delivery at the Sydney Institute in July when he said that terrorism is an issue that cannot be underestimated, but at the same time the IS threat shouldn’t be overplayed. The PM said in his speech that Australians need to be careful to not get engulfed by the IS strategies and become the amplifiers of their wickedness rather than tackling them wisely.

Turnbull’s decision to deliver a statement relating to national security came following his parliamentary address on Monday when he advocated a realistic approach towards tackling the IS battle, which couldn’t be fulfilled by sending troops to Iraq and Syria. “This will not be an easy fight, nor will it be quick. But our mission to disrupt, degrade and destroy the terrorists is making progress.” Turnbull said.

“A lasting defeat of ISIL will require a political settle settlement in Syria and Iraq. There are some signs of progress in that regard, but it is very early days.” The prime minister is being pushed to send troops into Syria as Abbott suggested deploying special force over there to fight against the ISIS.

It is assumed that Turnbull’s statement will be different from that of former PM Tony Abbott’s speech at the Federal Police headquarters in February. “In proclaiming this caliphate, the Islamist death cult has declared war on the world,” Abbott said. His statement focused on stripping the dual national citizenships of Australians if they were fighting with the terrorists. The bill is in the House of Representatives awaiting Labor’s consent.

The Labor Party is looking forward to Turnbull’s speech and the resources and approaches he would highlight to counter extremism. Opposition assistant defence spokesman David Freeney told the ABC Radio that it is a continuous effort to tackle terrorism.

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