“Major Crimes” Season 4 has seen plenty of twists and turns and it is going to continue in the fall finale episode “Penalty Phase.” The show will go off air for a short time after tonight’s episode and it’s going to do so with a bang.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "Major Crimes" Season 4 "Penalty Phase" spoilers.

Sources have revealed that Sharon (Mary McDonnell) and the team will be going through hell of a time as they track a deranged killer who mercilessly kills his victims and films them. As spine-chilling as it may sound, the psychopath probably even treats his victims as stars for the movies he shoots.

The YouTube promo for the “Penalty Phase” episode reveals very little on what viewers can expect. However, it does suggest an episode full of shocks. The killer is definitely the most horrific villain the team has faced in recent times. Another important point is that this episode was in all probability written as the season finale. Hence, it will have that epic feel. It was only later that TNT ordered an additional five episodes to be added to Season 4.

Thus, it would be interesting to see how “Major Crimes” Season 4, episode 18, which was written by Adam Belanoff and directed by Michael M. Robin, unfolds and affects the show's storyline in the future. Will “Penalty Phase” provide a new daring direction to the show? Will it provide hints that could lead viewers to think what the upcoming five episodes in 2016 could be like?

There is also some buzz that a new romance can be blossoming in this episode. However, the show producers want fans to let their imagination run wild. Events in previous episodes do suggest a possible romance between two "Major Crimes" characters.

So, a deadly drama and a new romance – viewers have more than enough to stay glued. The show’s official Twitter channel is keeping no stones unturned to make expectations break the roof.

"Major Crimes" Season 4 Episode 18 “Penalty Phase” airs on Monday night on TNT. The show's episode 19 will be aired in February 2016. Watch the promo video here.

Source: YouTube/ TNT

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