Fans of "Major Crimes" star Graham Patrick Martin reacted on the social media Twitter upon learning that a cyber-stalker terrorized the actor and wished his death on the doomed Malaysian jet MH370.

According to a report from TMZ, the cyber-stalker created a fake account of the 22-year old actor using a different middle initial. The Twitter account created looked like the actor's official account and sent over 100 tweets a day.

"How unlucky I wasn't on board Flight 370," TMZ quoted one of the Twitter post from the fake account which was already taken down by social media administrator. The Web site also quoted another Twitter post from the cyber stalker bashing the actor's girlfriends which reads: "I think it's sad dat now at her 30s whore doesn't look older than 80, but tomorrow she'll look like infinity."

The Web site further reported that Graham Patrick Martin had already reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for assistance. Police had already executed a search warrant on the social media to obtain information about the cyber-stalker's whereabouts and arrest the criminal.

The actor is reportedly worried that the people might get confused with the impostor and believe the nasty tweets. The fraudulent Twitter account scared the actor and his family and hurt his image as well.

Fans who learned about the actor's dilemma also posted messages for the impostor. One Twitter user @BrassNucklez said: "Whoever is stalking & using #GrahamPatrickMartin's likeness, you're time will be up and you'll do time!" But one Twitter user @WhoWants2Qnow included the hashtag #rumors on its post downplaying the incident.

Graham Patrick Martin played the role of a fully-fleshed out gay named Rusty in the show "Major Crimes. In an interview earlier this month with Advocate, the actor attributed some reasons why the show has gotten the gay character right. He stated that his gay role in the Major Crimes show is more authentic compared with many other gays parts shown on television.

Martin explained that his role on the "Major Crimes" is not just for laughs but also for the trauma of having been a hustler on the street who was abandoned by his mother. This gave him a unique journey as a fully-fleshed out gay in the arena of cable network television.

Major Crimes airs on TNT every Monday at 9/8c.

Read the tweets below:

Whoever is stalking & using #GrahamPatrickMartin's likeness, you're time will be up and you'll do time! #MajorCrimes

— Brass Nucklez (@BrassNucklez) July 27, 2014

#Rumors "Major Crimes" star Graham Patrick Martin is being terrorized by a cyber stalker who wi... @Bestof_Stupid — Who wants to know (@WhoWants2Qnow) July 27, 2014

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