Magnitude 2.6 Earthquake Strikes Adelaide After Magnitude 3 Earthquake Rattled Nearby Flinders Ranges In South Australia

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A magnitude 2.6 earthquake has struck Adelaide before 8:30 a.m. Monday, Jan. 6, after an earthquake rattled nearby Flinders Ranges in South Australia (SA) at 4:31 a.m. on the same day.

Shortly after the earthquake, there was another tremor felt by residents living in the area. No report of damage was recorded in the area as of this writing.

According to Geoscience Australia's (GA) official Web site, the earthquake occurred near Aberfoyle Park, South Adelaide, SA. Its epicenter is near Aberfoyle Park and Happy Valley. It reportedly had a depth of 10 kilometers.

The Australian reported that people in the surrounding areas of Adelaide Hills region, including Glen Osmond, Wayville, Parkside, Gilles Plains, Norwood, Kensington Park, Underdale, Glenunga, Plympton Park and Seacombe Heights also felt the earthquake.

Jonathan Bathgate, senior seismologist at the Geoscience Australia, commented on the magnitude 2.6 earthquake in The Australian.

 "At these low magnitudes, it is quite common to have that loud bang and a short, sharp rumble," Bathgate said in a report by The Australian.

"We don't usually expect (damage) at this sort of magnitude."

"It is possible that there was something smaller that we haven't picked up," he added.

Naturally, Twitter was abuzz with reactions about the Adelaide earthquake, most of which attempted to be funny. The hashtag #Adelaide or #Earthquake is usually included in the tweets. Check out some of the tweets below.

Craig Field Photos even posted a picture about it.

Jarrod Walsh wasn't content on just posting a photo about the earthquake. He made a video of it on Instagram and then tweeted the link on his Twitter account.

Melanie Usher even included Grumpy Cat's reaction to the Adelaide earthquake.

Twitter user Cameron joked about looters during the earthquake.

The Adelaide earthquake was not the first earthquake that occured in the area Jan. 6. An earlier earthquake in South Australia in the Flinders Ranges also occurred. According to Geoscience Australia, the earthquake had a magnitude of 3.0 and a depth of 8 kilometers. Its epicenter is about 30 kilometers east of Hawker.

Bathgate said the Adelaide and Flinders Ranges, South Australia earthquakes were two separate events. He added these earthquakes could have been caused by a stress build-up due to the movement of the Australian continent at a rate of 7 centimeters each year towards the north. There were no casualties and severe damages when the earthquake struck Adelaide and the magnitude 3 earthquake rattled nearby Flinders Ranges in South Australia.


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