Singer Lady Gaga arrives for the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington December 7, 2014.
Singer Lady Gaga arrives for the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington December 7, 2014. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Madonna is not dissing Lady Gaga when she sings "you are a copy cat" in the new leaked song "Two Steps Behind," her manager Guy Oseary has confirmed. The unfinished song was leaked on Internet sometime back and the lyrics suggested Madonna was making fun of Gaga. One of the lines of the song's lyrics say, "You're a copycat, get back/I'm always on your mind."

During a question and answer round on Twitter about Madonna's upcoming album "Rebel Heart," her manager, Guy was asked if the song's lyrics were written keeping in mind Lady Gaga. "That song is NOT about Gaga or anyone in particular," Oseary answered. [Check out the tweet here.] "The song is an unfinished demo she had no intention of finishing or releasing along with many others," Oseary added. Another Twitter user also asked Madonna's manager if the pop star still "hates Gaga?" Oseary said that Madonna has "no ill will" towards Lady Gaga and was recently listening to her recent duet with Tony Bennett and "appreciating it."

The Lady Gaga-Madonna feud dates back to the time when Gaga started her career and was criticised by media for copying Madonna's rebelious style. Gaga's song "Express Yourself" was said to be similar to Madonna's anthem "Born This Way," according to Daily Mail. Gaga also copied Madonna's signature "crotch grabbing" pose in her "Express Yourself" music video. Back in August, Gaga told People Magazine that she would like to name Madonna as one of the artists she is influenced by but she does not like the fact that Madonna does not help younger artists.

"Two Steps Behind" is yet another track that has been leaked from Madonna's upcoming album "Rebel Heart." The singer was furious that her unfinished tracks were getting leaked on the Internet and called the entire episode as an "act of terrorism." The "Like A Virgin" singer faced criticism on social media for linking her album leak to terrorism. The leaked songs prompted Madonna to release a few tracks online and even promote her next studio album "Rebel Heart," which will be released on March 10, 2015. Read more here.

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