A poster of TV series "Lucifer." Lucifer/ Facebook

Details about the premiere episode of “Lucifer” season 4 have been released online by the writers. The title of the first episode appears to tease the plot, and at the same time it appears to be a nod to the fans who helped save the show after it was cancelled.

The writers of the TV series have teased a picture of the script of the premiere episode on their official Twitter page [see below]. The picture reveals the title of the episode, along with who wrote the script and who was at the helm.

The title of the first episode of the next season is “Everything’s Okay.” The title indicates that everything is okay between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), after the latter found out the truth about the Devil in the season 3 finale.

The revelation that Lucifer is in fact who he says he is, is expected to affect the relationship between him and the detective, and it is also expected to change the world-view of Chloe. The two characters love each other, so it will be interesting to see if the detective will continue to love Ellis’ character after finding out that he is the Devil.

The title may also be a nod to the fans, suggesting that everything is fine with the show after Netflix picked it up and essentially saved the TV series. The fans had launched a “Save Lucifer” campaign online after Fox cancelled it.

The script of the premiere episode of the next season has been written by Joe Henderson. Sherwin Shilati worked as the director.

The first episode of “Lucifer” season 4 should set the tone and the plot for the rest of the season. Season 3 was mostly about identity for Morningstar, and this time the plot is expected to be about the consequences of Chloe knowing that her partner had been telling the truth all along.

Credit: Lucifer Writers Room/ Twitter