A poster of TV series "Lucifer." Lucifer/ Facebook

Before Netflix picked up the “Lucifer” TV series, and essentially saved the show, there was a campaign by the fans that hoped to get the show renewed. Fox has finally revealed why it cancelled the show, and a new report suggests that the executives at the network didn’t think twice about the decision even after the fans’ campaign.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association Summer press tour, Chairman and CEO of Fox Television Group Dana Walden revealed why they had to cancel the show, TV Guide reports. "We had a great time working with that cast and the executive producers of the show. It worked well for us," Walden said. She later explained that the reason for cancelling the show was purely based on the numbers.

Walden explained that the show is owned by an outside studio, the cost for each season is not a small amount, and the executives at Fox felt that the size of the audience was “pretty narrow.” Walden said that they couldn’t justify the economics of keeping the show on air.

If “Lucifer” had a broad enough audience, that would have given Fox a compelling reason to renew it for another season. Since that was not the case, they weren’t going to bring back the show, despite the fan interest. The decision to cancel the show, however, was only taken after extensive internal discussions, Walden said.

The report notes that the “Save Lucifer” campaign launched by the fans at that time didn’t make the studio executives consider it even once. The campaign, however, got people from Netflix excited, and the show ultimately found a new home.

“Lucifer” season 4 has been confirmed, and the plot will continue from the events from the season 3 finale. The storylines in the two bonus episodes will not be explored.