Actor Tom Ellis of "Lucifer" appears during the Fox Network presentation at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour in Pasadena, California January 15, 2016. Reuters/David McNew

The mother of Morningstar being introduced in “Lucifer” Season 2 will not be just about anger and resentment, cast member Tricia Helfer said in a recent interview. The new character adds a new dimension to the storyline and will shake things up for the other characters.

[Spoiler alert]

In an interview with TV Line, Helfer said that it was “nerve wrecking” to play Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) mother, at least in the beginning. The actress praised the other cast members and the crew for making her feel welcome. She easily felt part of the team. She echoed the comments of Ellis who said that the cast don’t take themselves too seriously and this is one of the reasons why the show has become a big hit.

Helfer then had to answer the main question of what her character is here for. The actress said that there has been a lot speculation about her character what she is here for. Her sons are most concerned about whether she will travel to Los Angeles and if she is going to be mad in “Lucier” Season 2.

While there is some anger and resentment that Morningstar’ mother, Charlotte, feels; Helfer pointed out that at the end of the day this is a mother who loves her sons. The Mother of Angels wants to spend time with her sons and get back what was taken from her. The actress feels that this aspect of her character may come as a surprise to the viewers who are expecting a vengeful character.

Ellis teased that Morningstar’s mother didn’t always look like she does in “Lucifer” Season 2. The show will play around with how the protagonist will deal with his mother being so good looking, the cast members said. The cast members also teased that there will be some mild flirtation between the two characters.