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Naz will learn to survive in prison in “The Night of” Episode 4, the preview video shows. The events in the previous episode diminished the role of defence lawyer Jack Stone, but he will still be involved as the story progresses.

[Spoiler alert]

In the previous episode, Naz (Riz Ahmed) was warned that the other prisoners have weighed in on his case and decided that he is guilty. So, his life is now in danger because the other inmates want to take revenge on the young man for the “rape” and “murder” of a girl.

Naz had refused the protection offered by Freddy (Michael Kenneth Williams), and later he found his bed on fire and the other inmates threatening to kill him. In the next episode Naz will get some more advice from another inmate. The preview video shows the convict telling the young man not to show fear and look the others in the eye.

Naz will have to show some strength in “The Night of” episode 4, if he wants to survive in the prison. Will the young man be able to earn the respect of the other inmates?

There is a possibility that Naz could get out of prison early by getting bail. His new lawyer will appeal to the court to release the young man while the trial continues. She will point to the fact that the accused has strong roots in the community, has never travelled to Pakistan. So, there is no risk of him running away from the country to escape trial.

While the trial of Naz continues, Box (Bill Camp) appears to be following up on the investigation. The preview video of “The Night of” Episode 4 shows Box having a conversation with Jack Stone (John Turturro) about Naz. The defence lawyer knows that even the detective has misgivings about the case.

Credit: YouTube/ HBO

Credit: YouTube/ HBO