Tricia Helfer
Canadian actress Tricia Helfer poses at the gala presentation for the film 'A Beginner's Guide To Endings' at the 35th Toronto International Film Festival September 17, 2010. Reuters/Mike Cassese

New characters will be joining “Lucifer” Season 2. Tricia Helfer will reportedly play the role of Morningstar’s mother and Aimee Garcia is said to be playing the role of a potential love interest of Tom Ellis’ character.

[Spoiler alert]

The main focus on the next season of the popular TV series is expected to be Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) mother. Helfer has been cast to play this important role, TV Line reports. The character has been described as the mother of angels who was trapped in hell for thousands of years by her ex-husband - God.

The mother of angels is said to be “fearless” and she has a “strong conviction for who she is and what she deserves.” The character description teases that it will become clear that Morningstar takes after his mother. However, the mother and son differ on their views about humanity.

The things that fascinate Morningstar about humanity repel his mother. Her feelings for humanity are heightened by the fact that she has to be trapped inside a human body during her time on earth in “Lucifer” Season 2.

It is not clear what her mission is for escaping hell and what she is doing on earth. She claims to want to spend some time with her sons. However, the description also rhetorically asks if Morningstar’s mother’s intentions are really innocent.

Meanwhile, another cast member joining the TV series is Garcia, TV Line reports. She is said to be playing the role of Ella Lopez, a forensic scientist at the L.A.P.D. According to the character description, Ella is “brainy” but at the same time she is “spiritual.”

“Warm but tough. She grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in Detroit, but also in a strong Catholic family, under the watchful and protective eye of her five brothers… which might explain some of her opposing personality traits,” the character description of Ella reads. The character is speculated to be a new love interest of Morningstar.

“Lucifer” Season 2 is set to return on Sept. 19. The show will once again have 13 episodes.