A still from "Lucifer" TV series. Lucifer/ Facebook

A murder case connected to the Flaming Sword gets Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) involved. Time is running out for Mum to find a way to get back to heaven, and her actions make her sons very suspicious. The following article contains spoilers.

Anxious to get the Flaming Sword working, Charlotte gets her client to smuggle some artifacts to help complete the divine weapon. But before he can hand it over, the client is killed and more importantly robbed. The only clue is a phone that was dropped at the crime scene.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the phone belongs to the son of a major crime family, which is represented by Charlotte. Chloe (Lauren German) goes undercover to a party and confirms the killer is the son of the head of this crime family.

Meanwhile, Morningstar (Tom Ellis) has to douse some flames. Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is angry and in pain. She feels betrayed because her friend is abandoning her on earth to live in heaven. It is only later that she learns that Morningstar doesn’t intend to stay in heaven, but wanted her to be angry to make sure his family members don’t suspect his intentions.

Maze and Morningstar go on a mission to help Linda (Rachael Harris), who is suspended for helping mental patients escape from the asylum. They fail to get the suspension lifted, but the psychiatrist helps the devil understand why his demon friend is angry with him, even after finding out the truth. She feels used and manipulated. The realization helps the two characters to bond.

Charlotte on the other hand makes a deal with her client. The head of the crime family is ready to give the goddess what she wants in exchange for the phone that the police have in their possession.

There is a meeting between Charlotte and the head of the crime family, but this is actually a setup. The phone is exchanged for a key to a locker and the police barge in to arrest everyone.

An ancient book is found in the locker. The book reveals the secrets of the Flaming Sword. It will take a few days for Amenadiel (D.B. Woods) to translate the text, but Charlotte doesn’t have that much time. The brothers are now increasingly suspicious about their mum hiding something from them.