A Still from "Victoria" season 2. Victoria/ Facebook

A new video from “Victoria” season 2 has been released online. The scene shows the queen’s newborn being baptised in front of a large gathering at a church. The following article contains minor spoilers.

The queen has given birth to a daughter. A new video released online (see below) shows Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary getting baptised in a huge church, a large crowd gathered to celebrate the occasion. Dignitaries from the parliament, representatives from foreign countries and members of the royal family are expected to be present.

Albert looks regal in his red outfit. He is the one who gives his daughter to the priest to begin the ceremony. The all-too familiar theme of the TV series plays in the background. After getting baptised, the child is given to her mother to hold. The queen has a more mature look now as she prepares to introduce her child to the world.

The queen was not keen on getting pregnant; she was, in fact, doing everything she could to prevent that from happening. But she couldn’t make her husband change his mind.

Still, with little experience of being a mother and not many people she can depend on, it will be interesting to see how the queen will take on this new role. A child was necessary for the nation, to secure her position more firmly on the throne and ensure the stability of the kingdom with an heir.

Victoria’s initial days on the throne were not easy. But now, she has a husband to support her, and even Prime Minister Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay), who was initially antagonistic towards the queen, now firmly stands behind her.

There will be new challenges and personal drama in “Victoria” season 2. The show is set to return sometime this year. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date.

Credit: ITV Studios/ Twitter