Lost Canadian Ship of ‘Franklin Expedition’ Discovered in Arctic after 169 Years

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Parks Canada image shows one of two ships from the lost Franklin expedition
Parks Canada image shows one of two ships from the lost Franklin expedition in this image released on September 9, 2014. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that a Parks Canada remotely operated underwater vehicle confirmed the find of one of two ships from Sir John Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition in the 1840's searching for the Northwest Passage. REUTERS/Parks Canada/Handout

One of the greatest mysteries of Canada was solved as Sir John Franklin's lost ships had been discovered in the Arctic.

Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that it was a "great historic event." He said that the Franklin expedition and its failure was "a great Canadian story" for over a century. Singers, writers, historians and scientists made used it as a subject of research and creation. That is why the discovery of the lost ships was "really important" for the history of the country.

Sonar images showed the wreckage of one ship on the floor of Victoria Strait near King William Island, CBC News reported. The searchers, on the other hand, were unsure if the ship was HMS Terror or HMS Erebus. HMS is the abbreviated form of "Her Majesty's Ship." The discovery was made on Sept. 7 after Parks Canada had used its recently acquired underwater vehicle. The discovery of the ship was revealed by Harper on Tuesday at Parks Canada labs in Ottawa.

Harper also issued a formal statement on the discovery of the ship that had been missing since 1846. "I am delighted to announce that this year's Victoria Strait Expedition has solved one of Canada's greatest mysteries, with the discovery of one of the two ships belonging to the Franklin Expedition that was lost in 1845," the statement said, "This is truly a historic moment for Canada. Franklin's ships are an important part of Canadian history given that his expeditions, which took place nearly 200 years ago, laid the foundations of Canada's Arctic sovereignty."

Harper congratulated all the partners who was part of Victoria Strait Expedition in 2014. He paid specific tribute to the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the Canadian Coast Guard, the Arctic Research Foundation, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Government of Nunavut and Parks Canada. He said that the discovery would not have been possible without their tireless efforts over the years. He also appreciated the dedication, perseverance and commitment of several explorers and partners.

According to the Canadian prime minister, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror were the only undiscovered national historical site. He said that his government is "deeply committed" to discovering those.

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