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Actors Tristan Barr and Chelsea Zeller in the film Watch the Sunset Tristan Barr, Michael Gosden

The opening scenes of the new Australian film "Watch the Sunset," alludes to a political and social look into the effects that drugs have on communities. We get that impression since the movie opens up with real life documentary and news footage of people addicted to the drug "ice."

The opening act makes it clear that this movie is going to be an intense ride. Much like Australia’s drug problem, this is hard to face.

What should be mentioned before anything else is the amazing cinematography the filmmakers have provided. This 82-minute film was shot in one continuous take. No cuts whatsoever.

The gamble took four attempts to pull off this technical stunt, which eventually succeeded on the fifth day of shooting.

Shot with a handheld camera that adds to the realism of the movie, we follow Danny (Tristan Barr) through an afternoon of hell. He’s on the run from a former friend and crazed gang leader Shane (Aaron Walton), who is as psycho as he is cunning.

Danny is trying to find redemption by getting clean of drugs and leaving his criminal life behind. His salvage is in reconnecting with partner Sally (Chelsea Zeller) and their daughter Joey (Annabelle Williamson).

Barr has taken on triple roles as lead actor, co-director and writer for the film. Joining him in the director’s chair is Michael Gosden, who also wrote and starred in the film. To make things all in-house Zeller also co-wrote the screenplay.

"Watch the Sunset" is an intense film with minimal story that’s backed up by incredibly skilled cinematography and is put together by a local team of talent.

It’s an ugly look at Australia’s underbelly told from a first person perspective. The acting is solid with spot on direction in this crime movie that glamorises nothing.

Keep an eye out for these filmmakers because I doubt this will be the last time we hear from them.

RATING: 4 out of 5