List of schools to have their funding cut under Turnbull government

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The list of schools that will have their federal funding cut next year under Malcolm Turnbull government's modified funding model showed that majority are high-fee private schools in Sydney's northern suburbs.  Some private schools in Canberra are also listed for the funding cut as Gonski formula suggests that they are currently overfunded.

Earlier this week, Education Minister Simon Birmingham announced that the government’s new funding model will cut funding for 24 independent schools. Some 350 schools will received lesser federal funding than they currently get.

Several affected schools in Sydney are in blue-ribbon Liberal electorates, which means the Turnbull government is willing to target its own base in order to deliver a more reasonable distribution of funding. Loreto Kirribilli, an elite Catholic school for girls that allegedly charges nearly $19,000 per year in fees for senior students and Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College in North Sydney are reportedly included in the list. The aforementioned schools are said to be two of the most overfunded schools in Australia.

Turnbull’s administration seeks to provide 80 percent of the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) for private and Catholic schools. Those that get more than 80 percent of their SRS from the federal government will receive lesser funding.

Schools that are overfunded, on the other hand, are likely to have their funding cut in 2018. According to Fairfax Media, 26 schools are in this category. Sydney Morning Herald reports the list of schools set to have their funding cut next year, which include the following.

1. Loreto Kirribilli, NSW

2. Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College

3. St Aloysius' College, NSW

4. Mount St Benedict College, NSW

5. Radford College, ACT

6. Daramalan College, ACT

7. Hillbrook Anglican School, QLD

8. Marist College Canberra, ACT

9. Northern Beaches Christian School, NSW

10. Stella Maris College, NSW

Education ministers will be having a meeting later this month to talk about the new funding model. Premiers and Turnbull will meet in Hobart in June.

NSW Education minister Rob Stokes told Sky News that the government is concerned about how the plan could affect more than 3,000 schools across New South Wales. Meanwhile, Meredith Peace, Australian Education Union Victorian branch president, has told the news outlet that the government is currently preparing the community for a very “unpopular” budget. As for Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, he believes that the government is committed to ensuring the money spent will improve education standards.

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