'Star Wars'
A behind-the-scenes picture from the production set of "Star Wars" film "Rogue One." Facebook/Star Wars

Things don’t seem to be going well in the “Star Wars” universe as a highly anticipated movie about the fan favourite character Boba Fett has reportedly been cancelled. The film could have been nostalgic for the fans of the original trilogy, as familiar characters could have returned.

Boba Fett is a bounty hunter who had a limited role in the movies and TV shows from the franchise, but the character managed to win the hearts of the fans. According to a report by EntertainmentWeekly, the cancelled film was supposed to bring back the other bounty hunters that stood next to Fett in the film “Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back.”

Bounty hunters were recruited in that film by the Empire to hunt down the rebels. Their task was to track down the Millennium Falcon by any means necessary.

With so many bounty hunters, the film would have been an action packed adventure. Here’s a list of the characters that were supposed to be featured in the movie.

IG-88 is an assassin droid who was on Darth Vader’s ship the Executor after the Battle of Hoth. The lean and tall droid featured prominently in that scene.

Perhaps the most noticeable bounty hunter in that scene was Bossak, the alien that made the Imperial officers there shiver. The character is a lizard-faced Trandoshan, a species known for being slavers who capture Wookies.

Zuckuss is an insectoid. The character was seen with a blaster rifle. 4-Lom was the bounty hunter droid standing next to Zuckuss.

Dengar was the only other humanoid in the scene. The Corellian bounty hunter was working from the time of the Clone Wars.

Although the Boba Fett movie has been cancelled, the fans will still get to see some bounty hunter action in a live-action TV series. The new show “The Mandalorian” is about a lone warrior who operates far away from the influence of the New Republic in the show.